Time-Wise Brown (15 mins)

15 cooking-time-15-min

Available in 900g.

A brown rice that cooks in 15 minutes ? Our Time-Wise™ Whole Grain Brown Rice is gently pre-cooked to bring you time-saving convenience with no sacrifice to taste, nutritional value or quality. You can cook it like pasta and it’s ready in 15 !


Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

Below 55 (Low)

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice: 8 Water

Grain Type

Long grain, parboiled brown rice. (Whole-grain)

Ideal for

Great hot or cold. Delicious with anything you would use regular brown rice for; try it in salads, burritos, or even a pilaf!


Comforting, with a slightly woodsy aroma.


Wholesome, full & rich.


Light, and depending on cook time preference either a good amount of 'chew' or very soft.


Brown, long, & separate grains when cooked.

What is it?

The Time-Wise process at Dainty involves gently precooking parboiled brown rice with steam, after which the rice is dried. The result is a brown rice which only requires 15 minutes to cook (instead of the usual 35 minutes). Nothing added and nothing lost nutritionally.


The parboiled brown rice used in Dainty's Time-Wise process is most commonly of US origin, from the Southern states bordering the Mississippi Delta.

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