Arts & Crafts

Fun little projects for rice and the Dainty can.

Pencil or Plant Pot

Use our Dainty tin can to make a vintage pencil holder to beautifully adorn your desk, and fill it with colorful markers, pens, and crayons. Easily amuse a child for an hour gluing found items like feathers or buttons or even felt cut-outs to a can. You can also make fun little pots for flowers, leafy plants, and cacti. Paint and decorated with seashells, beads, and sparkles!

Tin Can Telephone

Our classic Dainty rice cans are perfect for re-introducing this timeless childhood game in your home: the simple joys that two tin cans and a string can bring are endless and make for afternoons of secretive giggles and walkie-talkie, the old-fashioned way.

Coloured Rice Kaleidoscope

Beautifully complex to look into and wonderfully easy to make, kaleidoscopes are a perfect opportunity to use what's around the house for arts & crafts. Insert a piece of coloured paper folded into a triangle into a paper towel roll, fill with rice (dyed with food colouring), cover each end with a piece of wax paper, tape, and draw swirly patterns on the wax paper!

Wind Chime

Tie our Dainty cans together with string and hang them on a tree branch to make an adorable wind chime - get even more creative by painting the tins!