Rice Cooker Method

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  2. How to use a rice cooker in... 15 SECONDS
  3. Rule of thumb: use the same ratio of water to rice as you would for the evaporation method of the rice variety
  4. However - good idea to verify your rice cooker recommendations as not all rice cookers cook with the same ratios of water to rice, you may have some trial and error.
  5. TIPs: If you find with some rices that the cooking liquid sputters out a bit, we have now added a 2nd hole to lid to let the steam vapour out more efficiently and also share these tips: 1. You can rinse some of the starch off your rice just by rinsing the rice under cold water until the water runs almost clear 2. If you add a bit of butter or oil to your cooker, the liquid won't bubble up nearly as much 3. Take a piece of paper towel, fold it half and tuck the middle part of the long edge just under the edge of your lid near the vent hole, the paper towel will absorb the excess.
  6. Chef Jonathan Cheung shows you how HERE
TASTY TRICK - You can also add herbs and spices, a dab of butter or some olive oil, with the rice while  cooking.