Chinese Style

4 cooking-time-4-min

Available in 350g.

No need for take-out, you can whip up your own Chinese style meal!


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Milk, Mustard, Soy

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Ideal for:

One of our favorites, you can add chicken strips, or shrimp and a side of spring rolls or honey garlic short ribs. Alternately make a stir-fry with any vegetables you have on hand and add a few drops of sesame oil for a more exotic taste.

Cooking Ratio

1 Can: 1/2 Cup Water (125ml)


In order to get the rice out of the can more easily, add half a cup of lukewarm water and wait 5 minutes.

The Dainty can of rice is a Canadian icon! The humble, unique and recyclable Dainty can of rice has accompanied Canadians to campsites and family dinner tables for over 70 years. Each can simply contains cooked rice, nothing more, nothing less - all you need to do is heat it up and season. Inside the box, alongside the can, you will find a pouch of seasoning to flavour your cooked rice. We offer 11 different flavours, and every now and then a new flavour twist. In our era of ticking clocks and crazy schedules – stop time, even if just for a moment and share a can, a story, a giggle, a memory. Tell us your Dainty can story?

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