The DAINTY story

Dainty, the proudly Canadian rice company, has been sourcing rice from around the globe for over 140 years. Today our goal remains unchanged; we expertly choose a tasteful variety of rices to provide you with an easy to prepare and affordable meal component. Our mission is to foster a simpler life beholding strong values, starting with cooking for loved ones and maintaining a balanced diet. This is Dainty

Robert Reford, an Irish immigrant, adventurously sourced rice in the Orient, South East Asia, Europe, and South America.

“The first cargo of uncleaned rice ever imported into Canada arrived today (May 26, 1882) aboard the SS Africa, from Burma (now Myanmar), consisting of 1,700 tons. The milling capacity of the Mount Royal Rice mills is sufficient to supply three times the wants of the Dominion.” – The Montreal Gazette 26 May 1882.

Since 2015 the company is owned by the Marbour Group, a family owned and operated company.

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The founding of the rice company

Dainty was founded as Mount Royal Rice Mills at 5120 St. Patrick street along the Lachine canal in Montreal in 1882. The founder, Robert Reford, had previously established a ship agency business, the Robert Reford Company Limited,  in 1866. The rice milling facility was eventually moved to Windsor, Ontario in 1967, when the City of Montreal closed the head race on the canal and the water powered mill was no longer feasible.

Canadian Expansion

1892 the Company expands to Victoria on Vancouver Island and establishes the Victoria Roller Flour and Rice mill. The building exists today on the Victoria waterfront. The clipper ship Thermopylae was purchased and operated to carry rice from the Far East to the West Coast in the 1890s.


The DAINTY Brand was created for the "post-war consumer". Following WW2 there was an emergence of large food companies in North America offering consumer packaged goods, quickly creating competition and a necessity for branding and marketing on the part of manufacturers.


RICE IN A CAN by Dainty has been in production since 1947. 60+ years later it remains just cooked rice. Pure, simple, quick and easy; an ICON.

1967 Completion of facility in Windsor, Ontario

A new facility was built in Windsor and remains home to the Dainty brand and Canada’s only rice mill.

1970’s Cookbook cover

Jehane Benoit, a well-loved pioneer of modern cookery from Montreal, was a Dainty ambassador for over 2 decades, writing several little cookbooks of Dainty rice recipes during the 1960s and ’70s.

The revival of the Dainty brand in 2017

Loyal to its origins, Dainty’s revitalized brand solidly acknowledges the components of its history. Our contemporary new look and colour projects the humble, approachable and proud rice company that we are. Our values remain and we promise to continue to be innovative and seek out new heights in all that we do to provide top quality product to you.

Dainty's new compact packaging provides consumers with simple, easy steps to prepare a wide variety of rices, and visually guides you to travel their origins, sourced the world over.

Servicing other Food Professionals

In addition to directly serving retailers and consumers, Dainty, is a one stop rice supplier to many companies in the food industry. Our rice milling facilities and dedicated employees allow us to supply rice and rice flour to other businesses whether they are servicing hospitals, restaurants, airlines or using rice as an ingredient. Dainty is able to provide many related services; custom flour milling services, food grade testing, cross-border documentation to name a few. Onsite Quality Assurance and R&D provide great depth to our customers, as well as ensuring we maintain highest food safety standards.



Dainty products become Non-GMO Certified and a Limited edition Holiday pack is introduced, a new tradition in your home perhaps...


A Dainty rice cooker, simplest way to perfect rice.
See the online DAINTY SHOP to order one, and for inspiration visit our RECIPES page.

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Recyclable is good, RECYCLED is better

In 2021 Dainty introduced packaging made from 25% post-consumer recycled material.
Dainty is committed to helping close the plastic recycling loop, and will continue to innovate on the packaging around all our products.

25% PCR


Dainty Foods, Canada's rice brand and singular rice miller, proudly celebrates 140 years.


Dainty Gluten Free Baking Mixes debut

Dainty introduces Gluten Free Baking mixes and a Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. Simple to assemble, with clean ingredients, they can be oven ready in minutes.