Conditioned parboiled 1.6kg

20 cooking-time-20-min

Available in 1.6 Kg.

Parboiled rice, it never sticks!

Our Conditioned rice is parboiled, a process used for 2000 years to retain the nutrients in this tasty polished grain. Perfect for prolonged warming, Conditioned is your dependable go-to rice. Here’s some recipe inspiration for a rice cooker Jambalaya.

Nutritional Information

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice : 2 Water

Grain type

Long grain, parboiled rice

Ideal for

So versatile and stable, this grain when cooked will not get mushy, and may be kept warm for long periods of time. Great in soups, saucy dishes, and also as an accompanying side dish.


Warm & comforting fragrance.


Slightly nutty.


Separate, almost bouncy grains which never stick. Some say the grains can even squeak when chewed.


Long and almost translucent with a yellowish tint which becomes almost white when cooked.

What is parboiled exatly?

Parboiled rice is produced by steaming the rice in its husk, which causes the nutrients to migrate into the kernel. The rice is then dried and milled, with the polished grain retaining the vitamins driven into it by the parboiling process. The yellow tint of the uncooked rice occurs as a result of the trapped nutrients.


Dainty's Conditioned rice is most commonly of US origin, from the Southern states bordering the Mississippi Delta.

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