Rajah, Basmati rice blend

25 cooking-time-25-min

Available in 450g.

NEW - COMING FALL 2023 ! Exotic wholegrain blend of rices with black beluga lentils.

Exotic Rajah basmati blend evokes the diverse culinary traditions of South Asia.

Nutritional Information

Source of 7 essential nutrients.
  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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Cooking Ratio

1 rice blend : 2 water

Cook time

25 minutes

Grain types

Brown basmati rice, Brown rice, Wild rice and Black Beluga lentils.

Ideal for

Wholegrain goodness makes this blend rich enough to pair well with meats, such as chicken or porc, it is a great addition to a salad platter OR make your buddha bowl !


The brown basmati rice is aromatic as it cooks and the wild rice adds a woodsy scent, a mouthwatering blend.


The flavour of this wholegrain blend is carried by the brown basmati's pandan like flavour, and complemented by the brown and wild rice as well as the lentils


Cooked up Rajah has a wonderful chew to it. The grains remain separate and unsticky.


The black beluga lentils are the little gems that visually pop out of this mix against the browns of the rices and the dark brown of the wild rice.


The blend components: Brown basmati from Pakistan, whilst Brown rice, Wild rice, and Black Beluga lentils are sourced currently from the USA.

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