Organic Brown & Wild rice blend

35 cooking-time-35-min

Available in 410g.

Unprocessed, honest and natural; Dainty Organics.

Carefully chosen by your Canadian rice mill, these delicious sustainable rices provide you with the comfort of conscious quality on your table.

Our heavenly whole grain blend, of organic brown and wild rices, brings nutrients and fiber to your balanced diet. Enjoy the flavourful chew of these dense beauties, scrumptious!



Nutritional Information

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice : 2 Water

Grain type

Blend of organic brown long grain rice and organic wild rice.

Ideal for

A wholegrain side for any meat, great base for a stuffing, add it to a soup and for your healthy lunch, add it to a salad with dried cranberries.


Earthy and slightly nutty.


Full and natural woodsy flavour.


If you don’t overcook it will keep separate long grains with a good chew.


Separate brown long grains, intermixed with dark wild rice.

What is this blend ?

It’s a healthy whole grain blend. Organic wild rice is a pseudo-grain; an aquatic grass plant which produces a nutritious whole grain. The Organic brown rice is a long grain rice which retains its bran layer making it a whole grain as well.


Dainty’s organic wild rice is grown in fresh water, in northern regions of North America along the Canada/US border. The organic brown rice is of US origin, grown in the Mississippi delta or in California.

100% Recyclable Packaging

We call it TRULY RECYCLABLE, this packaging is a #2 recyclable. Why are we pointing this out ? because we have spent years trying to find TRULY recyclable packaging so we are proud of this ‘green’ result, recyclable everywhere and most commonly re-used.

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