Long & Wild Blend

20 cooking-time-20-min

Available in 450g and 900g.

Our special blend combines full-bodied natural and woodsy flavoured wild rice with the comforting aroma and taste of premium parboiled rice; a happy and successful marriage!

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

Parboiled ~ 40 and wild rice ~ 45 (low)

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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cooking ratio

1 Rice: 2 Water

Grain Type

Parboiled long grain & wild rice.

Ideal for

Long & Wild is very stable and won't get mushy, an easy classic blend to add elegance to any meal.


Earthy & nutty.


Natural woodsy flavour.


Cooked Long & Wild is non-sticky & has separate grains.


Separate & translucent yellow grains, intermixed with dark wild rice.

What is it?

Wild rice is a pseudo-grain; an aquatic grass plant which produces a nutritious whole grain. Parboiled rice is produced by steaming the rice in its husk, which causes the nutrients to migrate into the kernel. The rice is then dried and milled, with the polished grain retaining the vitamins driven into it by the parboiling process. The yellow tint of the rice occurs as a result of the trapped nutrients.


Dainty's wild rice is grown in fresh water, in northern regions of North America along the Canada/US border. The parboiled rice is most commonly of US origin, from the Southern states bordering the Mississippi Delta.

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