Perfect rice tips

  • If you slightly burn rice on the bottom of your pot, you can remove the burnt taste from the unburnt rice by placing a slice of fresh white bread on the top and then covering the pot. After 5 minutes the burnt taste should disappear.
  • Wait to add salt to the rice until after it is fully cooked, as it may cause it to toughen.
  • To keep rice white while cooking, add a few drops of lemon juice to the water.
  • A few minutes before your rice is done, place 2 layers of paper towel under the lid and let it finish cooking. The rice will be dryer and fluffier.
  • To prevent rice from getting mushy, during the final stages of cooking place a kitchen paper towel underneath the lid to absorb any condensation
  • Don't ever be afraid to taste test your rice for doneness.
  • Perfection in anything requires some trial and error - you need to find what works with you in your kitchen.