Dainty’s Kimora Calrose rice packaging design WINS a 2021 Canadian PAC Award!

Very happy to announce Dainty Kimora Calrose 3.63kg packaging has won a Best In Class award at the 2021 Canadian PAC Awards!

A very special thank you goes out to Pigeon Branding & Design in Montreal for working with us and crafting this beautiful design, a wonderful conceptualization of the Dainty brand and delivery of the essence of the Calrose rice variety through excellence in design.

The creamy white japonica varietal, that is Calrose rice, inspired the matte background evoking rice paper. The other design elements nod to the respected rank which this superior California grown rice has garnered even in Asia. Kimora Calrose is Dainty’s star medium grain sticky style rice, perfectly suited for poke bowls, sushi and other Asian style recipes.

Thank you to PAC, founded as the Packaging Association of Canada, for fostering collaboration, innovation and education in packaging. The awards celebrate the power and excellence of packaging in innovation and brand marketing.

This design was conceived as part of the 3.63Kg range of three premium rice varieties launched in 2020.  The 3 products are offered in handsome stand up resealable bags with carry all punch-outs, conceived for families who love rice and cooking occasions that celebrate with special meals. You can find them at Metro, Loblaws, and Provigo amongst others.

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