Dainty sponsored a day at the beautiful Jardins de Metis/Reford Gardens on August 17th, with two events hosted by Ricardo in celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Dainty’s link to the gardens has deep roots. The founder of the gardens, Elsie Reford, is the daughter-in-law of Robert Reford who founded Dainty Rice 140 years ago. One can even find a nod to this connection in the Dainty logo!

Ricardo curated an extraordinary menu for an English high tea with the garden’s chef Frederick Boucher. The tea featured music by the Rimouski orchestra, introduced by Annie Vanasse.  Ricardo energetically shared history around the traditions of English afternoon tea, and Alexander Reford, the Director of the gardens shared wonderful anecdotes around Elsie Reford and ties with British royals.  Funds raised by the high-tea go to an endowment for women’s activities in commemoration of Elsie Reford’s 150th year.

Inspired by the event, Chef Jonathan Cheung developed a delicious gluten-free scone recipe. Check it out here: https://dainty.ca/recipes/gluten-free-raisin-scones/

See some highlights of the events below: