Let’s look at 7 of Dainty’s most flavourful basmati rice recipe ideas to get you inspired for this week’s meals.

Cooking with basmati rice is exciting and allows for maximum creativity, as it goes with nearly any dish. You can transform it from a delicately fragrant rice grain into a robust dish full of flavours, nutrients and textures. Because of its versatility, you can use it to get inspired to create flavourful, basmati rice recipe ideas.

Roasted Squash Stroganoff

If you’re a fan of the traditional beef stroganoff, then you’ll also love this vegetarian twist on this well-loved classic and simple dish. A perfect addition to your meatless Monday menu, this comfort food is packed with delicious squash, pickles, and cheese. It can be eaten as a main dish or be an excellent accompanying rice platter to succulent, grilled meat.

The uncooked basmati rice is placed directly into the oven and left to absorb all the roasted flavours of the squash and spices, making the clean-up process quick and easy.

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Rice Cooker Moroccan Rice with Roast Carrots

Morocco is known for its rich history and equally rich, aromatic dishes. This healthy, vegetarian dish combines the right amount of sweetness and earthy spices, such as coriander, cumin and turmeric, to give your taste buds a treat. This fragrant and fluffy rice recipe is easy to make with only a handful of ingredients. The entire family is guaranteed to love it.

While couscous might be a well-known ingredient in Moroccan cuisine, this recipe is cooked with brown basmati rice for a nuttier and more delicate taste. You’ll enjoy the texture of cooked, yet firm carrots and chickpeas in contrast to the soft and fluffy slender grains of the brown basmati known for their distinct aroma.

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Rice Cooker Basmati and Quinoa

This quick and easy basmati rice recipe idea is perfect for days when you don’t have time to slave over a hot stove. Made with equal parts rice and quinoa, which has many health benefits, this dish brings a lot of variety and added protein. Using a rice cooker is perfect for getting this meal on the table within minutes.

Using butter and vegetable or chicken stock gives the rice more flavour and leaves it moist, salty and versatile. You can add your choice of bite-sized, frozen vegetables to play around with the tastes. Put leftovers in the fridge and take them out the next day for a tasty and refreshing rice-salad lunch.

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Brown Basmati, Spinach and Lentil Dal

For a healthy, vegetarian Indian-inspired dish, this brown rice dish is rich in legumes and is excellent when you want a meal packed with taste and nutrients. The green chili peppers bring spiciness, but quantities can be adjusted to varying heat levels. Made using Dainty Brown Basmati, it adds a slightly woodsy aroma, which works marvelously with the grated ginger and cumin.

Make this basmati recipe idea easy with a rice cooker

With the help of a rice cooker, you can make this recipe even on busy days. Throw the ingredients in the rice cooker and cook until ingredients are well blended. Remove and serve with a dollop of yogurt. Garnish with curry leaves or parsley and enjoy your homemade Indian food rice dish!

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Rice Cooker Vegetable Fajita Basmati Rice

If you’re looking for some Mexican-inspired basmati rice recipe ideas, this recipe will make a great addition to your taco Tuesday or fajita Friday evening meal. It is also the perfect accompanying rice dish for BBQ grilled meat, like chicken.

While the dish is vegetarian and can be adapted for vegans, you can also cook it with chicken directly in the rice cooker. Toss all the ingredients, including 1-2 cubed chicken breasts, into the cooker and cook as usual. Play around with the seasoning and hot sauce as necessary.

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Spring Pilaf with Tzatziki

This colourful one-pot meal is the perfect rice dish to serve when the weather starts warming up, and you decide to crank up the BBQ. Inspired by Mediterranean flavours, this basmati rice recipe idea is full of delicious greens. The addition of the traditional tzatziki sauce is both cool and refreshing, making it a perfect side dish to any grilled meat.

With only a pinch of saffron, your dish will have a lovely golden hue with only a hint of its sweet, floral taste. Cooked using vegetable stock instead of water, you’ll be able to bring out the flavours of the basmati rice while maintainin gits fluffy texture. For optimal taste, use Dainty Basmati Rice. For an authentic Mediterranean culinary experience, served with grilled seafood.

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Persian Jewelled Basmati Rice

Rice dishes are popular in Persian cuisine and are often made using basmati white, long-grained rice. For a slight twist, we’ve decided to use brown basmati. It works just as well as white rice, but you can also experiment and use different rices. With just a few saffron threads, dried fruit and toasted nuts, this dish is full of rich flavours and contrasting textures of soft, chewiness and crunchiness.

While this recipe requires a little more preparation, the time invested is worth it. A perfect recipe for family gatherings and buffet-style meals.

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Rice tips for creating better basmati rice recipe ideas

Cooking with rice can be exciting if you know the proper cooking methods and have the right ingredients. While cooking basmati rice dishes using only water is a good subtle side dish, you can liven up your meals by substituting the cups of water for other ingredients that will surely be a hit on the dinner table.

Get the best world cuisine tips and basmati rice recipe ideas

World cuisines are known to cook rice with ingredients that give the dishes their signature tastes:

  • For Asian-inspired rice, you might want to use coconut milk to create coconut rice.
  • For an Italian flair, using wine and stock is essential in getting that perfect risotto taste and delicate texture.
  • For a Mexican-inspired rice, you might want to use cumin seeds, chili and spices such as paprika.

For more inspiration on adding flavour to your rice, read our rice flavour tips.

Using rice cookers to create tasty basmati rice recipe ideas

Rice cookers can be a lifesaver for families short on time, and it is a fool-proof way to make the perfect rice preparation every time. Ideal for primary or side dishes, the use of a rice cooker can help you save precious time in the evening. Throwing all the ingredients in the pot also means less cleaning afterwards, and any leftovers can be used to plan the next day’s meals.

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