Extra Long Premium Basmati Rice

12 cooking-time-12-min

Available in 3.63 Kg.

Extra long and slender, this aromatic Basmati will surely add a bit of Bollywood glamour to your meals

This fine extra-long Basmati rice is traditionally cherished for its elongated and aromatic rice grains. Dainty’s ‘Elephant brand’ Basmati celebrates the revered elephants who roam the plains seeking the same fresh Himalayan mountain waters which nourish the ancient rice paddies of this special Basmati varietal.

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

Below 55 (Low)

  • non-gmo
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  • Gluten free rice


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Cooking Ratio

1 Rice : 2 Water (for dryer rice 1 1/2 water)

Grain Type

Extra long premium Basmati rice.

Ideal for

Extra long premium Basmati is non-sticky and stable. It is a mouthwatering treat to consume on its own, but also pairs easily with so many flavours; under a delicate piece of fish or a juicy sliced meat, a warm curry or simply tossed with toasted nuts and raisins.


This Basmati has a wonderful rich aroma, in Hindi the word basmati means 'fragrant'.


Basmati flavour is 'pandan-like' - reminiscent of banana leaves with light nut notes.


So soft and fluffy, it melts in your mouth.


Perfectly separate elegantly long grains.


Himalayan foothills bordering India and pakistan, fed by fresh mountain waters.


It is a myth that soaking rice before cooking elongates the grain. However, basmati rice does elongate during cooking.

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