Royal is our premium brand long grain rice, milled and polished using traditional techniques employed by Dainty since the 1880’s. (The image is our original rice mill on the Lachine canal in Montreal.) The tender fluffy grains release that familiar and comforting sweet and starchy aroma.

Available in 900g.

15 cooking-time-15-min


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Cooking ratio

1 Rice: 2 Water

Grain Type

Long grain rice.

Ideal for

Classic dishes like roast salmon, though it may also be used for fried rice, even pudding works well! Royal rice is very versatile.


Comforting, sweet & starchy.


Clean & mild, can even be slightly sweet.


Tender, dry & non-sticky.


Once cooked, the long grains are separate, soft & white.

What is it?

Royal is our top quality long grain, white milled rice.


Dainty's Royal rice is most commonly of US origin, from the Southern states bordering the Mississippi Delta.

  • non-gmo
  • DAINTY LOGO Proudly Canadian bilingue
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  • Gluten free rice

Nutritional Information

Glycemic Index

Low 70's (high)

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